Our Environment

Fresh Produce Provider

As a fresh produce provider, preserving our environment is important to us. We are proud to use environmentally sensitive production process in our shop and on our farm. To maintain a healthy ecosystem on our local farm we use various organic based nourishments and soil conditioners for our crops to grow and to preserve and prep the ground before plantation. Crop rotation is important, meaning the growing of different crops in the same field to avoid exhausting the soil. This in turn naturally controls weeds, pests, and diseases. We have a dam, with irrigation system, to ensure all watering of crops is by catchment rain water.

Environmentally Friendly

Our farm utilises drip tape as a watering method on all our crops which reduces the amount of water used daily. Erbachers have recently had a large number of solar panels installed to save energy. All wastage of fresh produce is fed to our farm animals daily including cows, horses and pigs. We promote environmentally friendly shopping bags in store and provide recyclable cardboard and other material boxes for customers to take their groceries home in. We believe recycling and reusing is important and we strive to leave a minimal waste footprint in our business practices.